PetrolValves completes major overhaul project in Norway

PetrolValves’ Services Team smoothly handled a major overhaul on the beautiful island of Oøy, in the municipality of Øygarden, Norway. The high complexity of the job and difficult valve accessibility required several tasks which were completed successfully, by means of specific equipment to allow valve disassembly and local reassembly.

During the 2023 planned shutdown, PetrolValves performed the replacement of a Valve Trim at the site of a 30” 600 Through Conduit Slab Gate valve with a hydraulic actuator.

“We were able to execute this major overhaul project in 31 days, despite task complexity and the large scope of activities”, stated Sandro Malquori, CEO of PetrolValves. “I’m proud of our Services team that flawlessly executed this refurbishment operation.”

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