PetrolValves Group awarded HP turbine bypass system

PetrolValves Group has been awarded for the supply of the high pressure turbine bypass system for the Atinkou combined cycle project, Ivory Coast.
The scope of the order includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of the HP steam Turbine Bypass Valve, Water control Valve, and desuperheating system, along with the required toolings for the valve installation and commissioning.
The Steam Turbine Bypass System is one of the most critical components in a power plant: it consists on a steam desuperheating and pressure reducing station installed in parallel with the steam turbine; its function is to protect the steam turbine during start-up and shutdown operations or in the event of a turbine trip.
For this application, the valve shall withstand: fast-acting action, severe thermal shocks, high-pressure drop at the valve opened, at the same time allowing fine regulation during startup and accurate downstream temperature control.
The System will operate on superheated steam @ 160 bar – 576°C, requiring Gr.91 forged steel construction and pressure class ANSI 2500, with fast-acting pneumatic actuation for safe actions (< 1 sec), and it will include a built-in multistage labyrinth silencer for noise attenuation.
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