Petrotec delivers enhanced valve control

Petrotec has recently joined forces with a major operator to roll out a high-availability valve control solution utilizing Rotork Master Stations (RMS). This collaboration underscores Petrotec’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and reliability within the oil and gas industry.

At the heart of this solution is the integration of a hot standby Rotork Master Station, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the event of unforeseen component failures within the primary unit. With complete redundancy across critical elements such as CPU, power supplies, displays, and network interfaces, the system seamlessly transitions to the standby unit, safeguarding both data and control integrity.

Petrotec’s integration of Rotork Master Stations empowers oil and gas operators to achieve outstanding system uptime, precise control over valve operations, and streamlined system management. These advancements lead to heightened operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved overall plant reliability.

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