PICV: A unique approach to a Hydronic system

It’s always good when a product is capable of doing two jobs instead of one. Not only do multi-function products save costs in material, but they often can save installation time and more. Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) provide multiple functions to a Hydronic System in two different ways; by controlling flow in proportion to the load as well as limiting the maximum flow allowed in a circuit.

Hydronic systems must be balanced to maintain system efficiency and to deliver the desired comfort level in a given space. Terminal devices and other system components cannot deliver their optimal performance if the flow is not regulated properly. The result of poor flow control is the lower efficiency of your system as well as comfort related challenges for occupants. To manage the flow requirements, automatic temperature control valves (ATC), manual balancing, or automatic balancing valves are placed throughout the system. Yet some of these valves are required to be balanced during installation and then again as the system may change with different load requirements.

Pressure Independent Control Valves combine the functionality of the ATC and an automatic balancing valve all into one nice package. PICV’s are capable of adjusting to changes in pressure while maintaining the correct flow for the designed system at multiple load requirements. PICV also reduces the requirement for labor-intensive balancing since they are pressure independent and automatic.

Nexus currently offers two PICV’s with a size range from ½” thru 10″. The Dynamic ND is available from ½” thru 2″ and the Vivax is available from 2 ½” thru 10″.

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