Piezo valve keeps its cool

Asco Scientific has a Piezotronic proportional valve for medical and analytical applications where it is imperative that no heat transfer takes place from the valve to the fluid, a condition that could otherwise spoil the accuracy of the process. The new Piezotronic valves use CMA (ceramic multilayer actuator) technology, which gives response times as low as 100us, a practically unlimited service life (of more than a billion cycles) and extremely low power consumption at just 0.3mA at 24V (0.007W) and 0.9mA at 70V. This means that there is no heat transfer from the valve into the fluid being controlled. Asco Scientific is offering the direct operating Piezotronic with nominal orifice sizes of 0.6 and 0.8mm, providing excellent flow rates from a direct operating valve, up to a maximum of 6 lpm.

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