Pinch valves allow quick tubing changes

Designed for use with disposable tube sets, Acro’s Model 955 and 958 panel-mounting solenoid pinch valves include a manual override feature for easy tubing loading. Valves are claimed to be virtually maintenance-free, and with Acro’s internal “splash seal” and panel mounting seal, can be cleaned without disassembly. Suitable for vacuum and pressure services, valves can accommodate flexible tubing sizes to 9.5mm outside diameter. Options include analogue or digital position feedback, tube detection, noise suppression, and “pulse and hold” control for maximising valve performance. Critical applications include surgical aspiration and irrigation, blood/plasma handling, dialysis machines, and high viscosity dispensing with the valves frequently being used in conjunction with peristaltic pumps to handle the on/off and emergency stop functions. Valves are calibrated specifically for each application.

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