Pinch valves VZQA from Festo

Pneumatic pinch valves are a clean, reliable and technically straightforward solution for controlling and shutting off a wide range of media. Whether dealing with liquid, fibrous, particulate or granular substances, they bring reliability and durability to all kinds of production processes. The VZQA product series from Festo offers modularity, flexibility, durability, ease of cleaning and straightforward servicing.

The pinch valve will be launched in two versions: an N/O version for media pressures from 0bar to 4bar and an N/C version for media pressures from 0bar to 6bar. A tubular elastomer pinch valve sleeve opens or shuts off the flow by decreasing or increasing operating pressure as appropriate to the version. The pinch valves VZQA come with different connection caps, housing materials and sealing components for a variety of configuration options. This makes them extremely useful in optimising pneumatic delivery and metering systems, powder coating systems as well as suction and compressed air control units. At the same time, their compact design saves valuable installation space.

Made from aluminium or stainless steel, the pinch valves prove themselves in even the most challenging environments. The internal parts offer the same durability against external influences. Whether abrasive, corrosive, highly viscous or neutral influences, the VZQA can withstand very high stresses in daily operation thanks to its special sealing cartridge.

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