Pneumatic control valves deliver heavy performance

Control valves are fundamental components in every pneumatic system. Choosing the correct pneumatic control valves to regulate the system pressure, the direction and the rate of flow are critical considerations for the designers of fluid power circuits. To meet these challenges Rotork Midland offers the Fluoslide range of semi-rotary pneumatic control valves.

Available with key or lever operation, Fluoslide valves are designed for the manual control of air flow in heavy duty pneumatic systems at working pressures up to 10 Bar (145 psi) and a temperature range of -40 to +70ºC (-40 to +158ºF). Widespread applications are found in industries including rail (rolling stock and trackside), mining and offshore oil and gas.

Manufactured with aluminium, stainless steel or brass bodies, the maintenance-free design features 316 stainless steel internal components, Nitrile seals and graphite filled PTFE slides. Operating configurations encompass 2/2, 3/2 and 4/2, 2 position detent or spring return, and 4/3, 3 position detent or spring to centre.

Suitable for neutral, gaseous and liquid fluids, with a maximum flow rate capacity of 700 litres/minute (at 6 Bar pressure with 1 Bar differential), Fluoslide valves are designed for use in arduous applications, whilst the rugged construction delivers excellent performance in areas of high vibration.

Fluoslide valves are available with short lead times from Rotork Midland, who, since 1956, have been internationally recognised as market-leading manufacturers of pneumatic instrumentation with an enviable reputation for high quality products, reliability and innovation.

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