Polyamide reduces miniature valves’ cost

Asco Joucomatic has claimed that its new design for its Micro 10 range of miniature sub-base mounted valves has achieved a cost reduction of almost 50%, as a result of using Polyamide in the valve construction rather than metal. The new design also offers OEMs more flexible electrical connections; both vertical and horizontal 5.08mm and 2.54mm spacing options are offered, and also connection via flying leads. Measuring just 10mm wide, the Micro 10 valves satisfy all the space constraints of modern automation systems. They are designed for easy assembly into miniature sub-base systems of from 2 to 10 valves, providing OEMs with a compact, high performance system, which improves competitiveness through reduced space requirement and installation costs. Ideal for miniature applications in the medical, packaging, textile and dispensing sectors, the Micro 10 valves are designed for tasks such as piloting of larger valves, and can also be used with vacuum and for direct actuation of miniature pneumatic cylinders. Several orifice sizes – 0.5, 0.8 and 1mm – are available, enabling the Micro 10 valves to provide high flows for miniature valves of up to 12 Nl/min. In addition, the facility for 24V, 12V or 5V operation means that the valves require low power for their operation (1.3W max) and are easy to interface to hierarchical control systems using PLCs (etc). Integration into electrical control systems is also made much simpler and quicker with the connection options offered with the Micro 10 valves.

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