Polygon develops composite tubes & bearings

Polygon Company, a producer of composite tubing, bearings, and pneumatic cylinders, announces that it has developed composite tubes and bearings that meet the high-pressure conditions and toughest design challenges in the oil and gas industry. Innovation matters in the oil and gas industry, and Polygon is a proven partner in developing breakthrough solutions. 
Polygon’s advanced composite tubing and bearings are ideally suited to both exploration and production settings in the Oil and Gas industry. Applications for the high-performance composites include exploration sensor housings, valves, platform cranes and sheaves, actuators, blow-out preventers, pumps, top drives, drill components, draw works, and more.
In these applications, Polygon composite tubes and bearings deliver excellent performance under pressure and corrosion resistance, both critical in Oil and Gas applications. What’s more, Polygon’s composites and component resins can withstand the high temperatures Oil and Gas technologies are frequently subjected to. Finally, the composite bearings and tubing are highly machinable and ensure the easiest possible drill-outs, ensuring efficiency in production and the field.
Polygon’s expertise and nimble business practices enable the company to balance delivery flexibility and high production capacity with demanding technical designs and product formulations.
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