PosiWell appoints Turco Valves as exclusive distributor

PosiWell® Pte. Ltd manufacturer of the full bore DBB/DIB gates valves is pleased to announce the appointment of TURCO VALVES AND SUPPLY as its exclusive Distributor for Canada, USA, Central, and South America. 
From PosiWell® success in South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe the Americas eluded us far too long and not through lack of search and potential partner.
For several years it has been looking to find the right partner with the right technical experience and market knowledge. The appointment of TURCO VALVES AND SUPPLY meets all of the expectations and more as a partner supporting PosiWell® products.
Fred Turco, Daniel Bradley, and Jason Craveiro bring not only + 75 years of combined market knowledge but equally the technical knowhow to support the network of Tank storage terminals, pipeline operators, airports, and the refineries needing full bore pigeable DBB/DIB Valves.
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