Power supplies are fit for fieldbus

MTL’s 9122-IS and 9121-IS Fisco power supplies have passed rigorous testing by Emerson Process Management for integration into the DeltaV digital automation system that is part of the PlantWeb architecture. The Emerson tests insure that MTL fieldbus products fully support PlantWeb functionality. The new Fisco standard for IS field wiring permits more field devices to be used with long cable lengths, reducing the safety documentation to a list of devices and completely eliminates the need to calculate cable parameters. Model 9121-IS can provide 110mA of output current, typically supporting more than five field devices in Group IIC, while the 9122-IS can provide up to 250mA to support more than 12 field devices in Group IIB. Each Fisco power supply repeats the fieldbus signal, ensuring no degradation of signal from the host side to the IS side and enabling the power supplies to be multi-dropped. Powering the DeltaV H1 interfaces is accommodated using a switchable option for host side power. Both models are certified to Cenelec and FM standards based upon the Fieldbus Foundation FF816-Fisco physical layer profile and the IEC/TS60079-27 technical specification.

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