PR2 qualified new subsea check valve

Norvalves’s new ¼” 103 MPa check valve is qualified according to ISO 13628-4 PR2 with a 40 000 cycle endurance test. The first project the company will supply this valve for is the Stones project operated by Shell where the valves will be used as a barrier for subsea pumps produced by OneSubsea in Norway. The Stones project is located in the Gulf of Mexico discovered in 2005.

The subsea piston check valve is designed for easy use, long lifetime with high pressure rating -up to 40.000 cycles, and easy maintenance. The valve can be modified to meet different specifications. The subsea piston check valve is made of metallic materials B446 N06625, B446 N07716. It weighs around 0.9kg and has an end to end dimension of 80mm. The valve has cleared the pressure test of ISO 10423 and PSL3G.

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