Pressure relief and control valve in one

Bio-Chem Valve Inc. has developed an ultra-inert pressure relief and control valve. The solenoid-operated valve protects a system from excessive pressure, and functions as a control module that can be used for periodic purging of a system, opening a bypass channel when a pump is running in a closed system, and providing on/off control. Designed for use with high purity or aggressive fluids, the new 075RS series relief valve completely isolates the medium from the solenoid. The relief pressure is factory set to customer specifications. The solenoid is powered by a continuous duty coil and permits the valve to be opened by a 12V or 24V DC signal on command. For applications that do not require the solenoid actuation capability, Bio-Chem Valve has developed the 075RV series relief valve which does not contain a solenoid and serves strictly as a relief valve. The valve fluid path has been configured to be as short as possible in order to maintain a low internal volume of 0.054 cubic centimetres and to reduce carryover fluid left inside the valve. Wetted parts consist of a PPS body and a perfluoroelastomer diaphragm, which also provides resistance to mechanical damage from particulates. PTFE is available for applications involving especially aggressive media. The valves have already been successfully applied in a number of applications. These include the relief of O3 gas from an H2O/O3 mixing chamber during ozone generation, and protection of the glass cell inside a refractometer from excessive pressure during high pressure liquid chromatography.

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