Profibus-DP eases valve control

A new Profibus-DP version is the latest addition to Asco Joucomatic’s range of Mega spool valve islands. The flexibility of Asco Joucomatic’s Mega spool valve islands to meet all OEM control needs from a single manifold platform has been improved further with the addition to the range of a new Profibus-DP version. Like existing Interbus-S and DeviceNet equipped variants, the Mega Profibus-DP version is extremely easy to integrate into machines, improving competitiveness by reducing both the cost and the complexity of control installations.
OEMs employing the new Mega Profibus units have the capability to connect up to a maximum of 97 islands, each holding up to 16 monostable or bistable (3/2, 5/2 or 5/3) solenoid air operated valves, with space saving, low wattage (1.5W) push/pull coils. The islands are easily connected to the fieldbus via two M12 connectors (one for power, 24V, one for the bus connection) and enjoy IP65 protection, allowing for direct connection onto machines in close proximity to pneumatic actuators. As a result they fulfil automation requirements in industrial environments such as assembly, food processing, packaging, process control, textile and paper industries.
The reduced size, modularity, low weight, high flow rate (900 liyre/min) and connection via 6 or 8mm instant fittings, make the Mega valve islands the ideal product for installations where compactness and high performance are essential requirements.

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