Proportion-Air QB3 control valve

Proportion-Air Inc.’s new QB3 control valve allows users to improve space efficiency by manifold mounting the QB3 electronic pressure regulator on a high density space saving manifold. All models of QB3 control valve may be manifold mounted, including vacuum control, vacuum through positive pressure, absolute pressure, and standard gauge pressure models.
Features of the QB3 control valve include: electronically control pressure ranges from vacuum to 150 psig; accuracy of +/-0.25% F.S.; high forward and reverse flow of up to 20SCFM; 0-10Vdc differential or 4-20mA differential command signal; a variety of wetted elastomers; 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA analog monitor output; and integral digital display panel meter availability. The QB3 is a complete electronic pressure regulator package consisting of two feed and bleed solenoid valves, a control circuit, a pressure transducer, an integral air pilot operated volume booster, and a rugged IP65 housing. The pressure transducer is connected directly to the control pressure so the closed loop electronics and analog monitor signal show you what is really happening in your process.
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