Proportional spool valve with 7-pole connector

The proportional spool valve with integrated spool position control is now provided with the option of a 7-pole connector that corresponds to the connection standard used in many places. Thus, the position signal of the valve spool is available as an analogue feedback value. The valve finely and precisely controls the volume flow proportionally to the preset command value from 0 to 30 l/min. This up to a pressure of 350 bar. The valve is perfectly suitable for demanding tasks, due to high resolution, high volume flow and low hysteresis and very good dynamic properties.

The valve is used where highest precision, high valve-to-valve reproducibility, simple installation and comfortable operation are very important. The integrated controller can operate axes in a closed control system and thus relieves the machine controller. These valves are used in the industrial and mobile hydraulics for smooth and precise control of hydraulic actuators.

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