Prunéřov II to use SIPOS actuators

More than 100 SIPOS 5 HiMod electric actuators have recently been specified and ordered as part of the latest modernisation program for the Prunéřov Power Station, the largest coal-fired power station complex in the Czech Republic.

The Prunéřov II Power station is the Czech Republic’s newest fossil-fuel-powered station, and consists of five 210MW generating units that started operation in 1981-82. The contract to modernise the power station and increase the unit capacity from 210MW to 250MW involved improvements to the valve and control systems. With the support of the local SIPOS agent, AUMA Servopohony, the subcontractor, Škoda Power – Doosan, Vítkovice, selected the SIPOS 5 HiMod electric actuator.

The SIPOS 5 HiMod is the latest and highest specification product to come from the specialist electric actuator manufacturer. The actuator provides high precision under continuous duty operation and incorporates a high-resolution encoder. This allows delivery of repeatable drive shaft position accuracy to less than 0.2%.
The HiMod has excellent durability with superior corrosion resistance and IP68 Protection Class, and comes with a five-year warranty for motor and gearbox components. The installation procedure is completely ‘non-intrusive’ and adjustment of end positions can be achieved without opening the actuator. This, together with a double-sealed electro-connection compartment, guarantees that electronic components are kept safe from harmful environmental contamination.
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