PRUSS announces Vogt Valves as new representative

With the inauguration of its representative Vogt Valves, PRUSS started a new era in its activities in North America.

“This agreement combines the strengths of the OMB group, one of the largest Italian valve manufacturers, with an international presence and capability, with those of PRUSS, one of the most recognized German manufacturers of severe service control valves. The result is a powerful coordinated coverage model that provides our clients with access to more and better products, across the US, and globally” said OMB Managing Director, Simone Brevi “We look forward to collaborating with PRUSS to be able to offer the best possible technical solutions to the most complex applications our customers can face.”

“Our agreement with Vogt will allow us to provide our clients with seamless cross-border cooperation and offer their clients access to our international footprint across over 65 countries. This agreement will complement our commercial activities in North America and many other countries, to which PRUSS remains committed.” said, Wilfried Drehmel, Chief Executive Officer of PRUSS.

“We are excited to build on our highly successful alliance with PRUSS. This agreement is a critical step to be able to offer one of the widest valve ranges in the market, having a worldwide presence, through our existing factories and commercial entities in many different countries, while providing the best technical support,” said Victor Rodriguez, Brand Principal of Leslie Controls Industrial.

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