PYPLOK receives USCG acceptance letter

W&O announced that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has issued an acceptance letter for its PYPLOK® mechanical fittings, a Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies product line, approving its use in a wide range of applications on-board vessels. In order to be considered for the additional application approvals, PYPLOK has successfully passed national and international pressure and fire test standards.

The Tube-Mac PYPLOK Mechanically Attached Fitting System is an alternative to threaded, welded or brazed joints. The PYPLOK system features an external 360-degree radial swaging process that compresses the fitting onto the pipe or tube, which results in a permanent, leak-tight joint. The system’s unique non-metallic O-ring sealing characteristics make it ideal for medium to high-pressure gaseous and fluid systems. PYPLOK mechanical fittings, composed of carbon steel, stainless steel and copper nickel, are now approved for use in shipboard applications, as afforded by 46 CFR 50.20-50(b).

W&O is the exclusive distributor of PYPLOK to the marine industry in the U.S. and Canada and was recently appointed as the distributor for the marine shipbuilding industry in Turkey.

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