Quantum supplier for compressed hydrogen program

Quantum Technologies Inc., is designing and developing a hydrogen storage and handling system for a Department of Energy (DOE) hydrogen bus test platform. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate the feasibility of the use of compressed hydrogen gas as a transportation fuel through the installation and demonstration of high-pressure hydrogen tanks in actual hydrogen-powered vehicles, operating under real-world conditions. Bechtel Nevada, as a contractor for the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration is overseeing the hydrogen bus test platform. The project calls for the installation of eight 5000 psi hydrogen storage cylinders on the roof of a 33-foot bus that accommodates 27 passengers. The ultra-light weight tanks are eleven inches in diameter and 83 inches long. The bus will also be equipped with in-tank regulators that provide added safety by reducing the 5000 psi storage pressure to a delivery pressure of 150 psi.

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