Queens award for enterprise

Manchester-based Tenmat, a specialist manufacturer of highly technical composite materials, has won the Queens Award for the second year running. Tenmat won the Queen’s Award for outstanding achievement in International Trade.
This was awarded to Tenmat because of its over 20% year-on-year growth in export sales for the past 3 years, and its significant increase in profitability. In 2012, Tenmat achieved the award for Innovation for their ground-breaking developments in passive fire protection products with innovative designs and improved fire safety. Amongst the products recognised was the ventilated wall cavity barrier designed to facilitate the complete ventilation of combustible wall cavities and to seal the cavity in the event of a fire. This will be applied in the athlete’s village at the Commonwealth Games 2014. Customers for Tenmat‘s engineering composites are located worldwide, about 80% of the company’s revenue is generated overseas. Tenmat’s products are diverse and varied, as are the application market sectors that frequently require different routes to market. Julian Greenhalgh, Commercial Manager Wear Parts, stated, “Winning this award is especially pleasing, especially as a follow on from the Innovation award received in 2012.
This award for 2013 is not only a great achievement because of significant amount of dedication and hard work in a tough global market place, on an internal level we can confidently state that ALL employees in the company will have played a part in some way to this success.“ The Tenmat team is certainly working on make it a “Hat Trick” with another Queens’s award for 2014.
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