Quick reconfiguration of valve islands

SMC’s new compact solenoid valves, series SV1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000, have been designed to provide fast and simple reconfiguration of valve islands. Giving the ultimate in flexibility the incorporation of multi-pin connectors within the porting block slices eliminates the need for internal manifold wiring. Sequentially assigned connector pins ensure that stations can be added, or subtracted, at the release of levers and the loosening of two screws (DIN rail mounting type). For larger flow rates the SV3000 and 4000 provide a tie rod manifold solution. Within series SV1000 and 2000, dual 3 port valves built into a single valve body, allow 4 position functionality, ie the output ports of a valve can be individually ontrolled. With a mix of mounting conventional five-port valves also being possible. Having a power consumption of just 0.6W (current: 25mA, 24VDC) and a service life of 50 million cycles* or more, this valve range is suited for the most arduous applications. For environments where protection from dust or moisture is a consideration, valve islands having protection to IP65** and IP67** are available. In addition, Gateway-type serial transmission systems compatible with this range of valves are also launched, these are designated EX500 and EX250.

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