Rack and pinion actuators

Ultraflo has announced the 100 Series actuator product line. The 100 Series is a pneumatically driven rack and pinion actuator available in double-acting and spring-return designs, both providing a 90-degree rotation. The 100 Series incorporates many standard features only offered as options on many competitive models. Eight different models provide output torques at 80 psi from 300 lb inches up through 29,000 lb inches, in size 06 to 26. The 100 Series offers mounting to the complete line of Ultraflo butterfly valves, as well as NAMUR standards for mounting of Ultraflo accessories. The 100 Series actuators are designed primarily for pneumatic actuation up to a maximum pressure of 140 psig (10 Bar) and for temperatures ranging from -40 F to +200 F.

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