Ramén Valves commits to a more sustainable future

Ramén Valves, a manufacturer of industrial valves for the process industry, has announced its commitment to a more sustainable future by eliminating the use of hard chroming in its manufacturing processes. Instead, the company has adopted the more environmentally friendly SuperExpanite® treatment, a gas-based process that yields no toxic waste and has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

Hard chroming is a process that increases the hardness of parts in contact with abrasive media, making it a popular solution in the valve industry. However, with the upcoming European Commission’s REACH Committee’s agreement to eliminate the use of chromium trioxide in most manufacturing processes by September 2024, many companies have been seeking alternative solutions. While some hard chroming companies have been promoting the use of alternative chemical solutions, Ramén Valves has decided to go a step further and eliminate all hard chroming solutions.

SuperExpanite® is a patented surface hardening technology, invented by the Danish company Expanite, that increases the hardness, wear-resistance, and improves corrosion resistance of stainless steel and titanium components. The treatment is performed without the use of harmful chemicals and results in a surface layer that is up to 10 times harder than the original material. Ramén Valves began testing the SuperExpanite® treatment in 2019 with excellent results and has decided to adopt it as its standard hardening treatment. This decision not only ensures compliance with the new regulations but also reflects Ramén Valves’ commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

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