RAYS ball valves ready for delivery

Recently, the production of DN150/PN100 and DN300/PN150 carbon steel pneumatic hydraulic actuated ball valves was completed by RAYS. They have successfully passed the inspection and will be delivered to an international customer for use in their natural gas pipeline.

The pneumatic hydraulic ball valve is widely used in long distance natural gas pipelines and oil & gas field ring trunk pipe networks. Their advantages include: stable transmission, easy control, and no need of power supply. Further benefits are: it uses high-pressure natural gas or hand pump as the power source, no machinery or electric equipment has a lower accident rate, it is safe & reliable, and it is economical. Under normal working conditions, the tank is filled with half a tank of hydraulic oil, the gas source tank and contrast tank are filled with natural gas, and the delay tank is an empty tank. When the ball valve is in action, the oil is pushed by itself, and the actuating mechanism is used to perform the opening and closing. The actuator is also divided into rotary vane type and fork-type.

A pressure upper and lower limit and a pressure drop rate are set to meet the operational requirements. In the event of an explosion or rupture of the pipe, the valve will also automatically close when the detected pressure drop exceeds the set pressure drop rate.

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