Redux-GE, Genebre’s pressure reducer valve with piston

Genebre, the world’s leading company in valves and accessories for fluid control and high quality taps, has within its Hydrosanitary Line the Pressure reducing valve piston: Redux-GE.
Redux-GE pressure reducer valve, Reference 3318 of Genebreis a valve that reduces and stabilizes fluid pressure based on preset value.

The use of this hydraulic device is necessary when fluid pressure of a facility can overcome maximum admissible pressure of other devices that form the facility.
The piston reducer is suitable for systems for hydraulic supply, either outside or inside of buildings, where net pressure doesn’t reach values above 25 bar.

The structure of the inner piston ensures rigidity, strength and high control accuracy, due to these at compensation. The sealing O-ring assures a low static friction coefficient, ensuring wear resistance and reducing maintenance. The use is for installation of conditioning, sanitary, irrigation, compressed air distribution, against fire and water distribution in buildings.

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