Reliable use of every flow with OHL butterfly valves

Shut-off and control valves from OHL Gutermuth are used in steam turbines for power stations that burn biomass and in CSP solar plants. Here, safety and functionality are essential for problem-free turbine operation.

No matter what area of application and what type of turbine is involved, the objective is to always achieve maximum usable power with maximum safety. The risk of overload or failure situations in the working area of turbine installations must be kept to an absolute minimum. The shut-off valves used in these fields have to perform their tasks with flawless functionality. OHL Gutermuth is a specialist in this field. The company supplies industrial valves of all the common connection types and designs as well as custom-made models that are produced to perfectly meet the requirements of the specific turbine, for example regarding size, fluid, and pressure range.

In the generation of energy and heat from solid biomass, biogenic fuels, for example, leftovers from wood processing and even cereals, are used and burned in a steam boiler. The superheated steam is fed to a steam turbine with a generator to produce electricity and can then be used as, among other things, energy and district heating. The valves used in steam turbines must help to maintain the steam circuit and withstand extreme conditions depending on the temperature and pressure ranges. The special valves manufactured by OHL Gutermuth comply with all the necessary directives and specifications and are developed by the highly experienced OHL engineering team specifically for these applications.

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