Repair service keeps check on fugitive emissions

Garlock (UK) has set up Genesis, a consulting and repair service to help the chemical and petrochemical industries address the problem of fugitive emissions. Using specially modified gas surveying equipment capable of reading from 0 to 1,000,000ppm, Genesis engineers employ the EPA 21 method on static equipment to measure gland leakage.
A range of leak point identification methods is employed from metal tags to radio frequency identification transponders.
A report detailing the total number of valves monitored, segregates quantities into groups of specific emission levels providing a total annual emission level, in kilograms, for the site.
Customers wanting to reduce emissions – showing commitment to their environmental objectives – can then employ the repair service facility of Genesis using Garlock’s EVSP packing or Helicoflex sealing solutions.
Based on data regarding access requirements, location, types of valve and plant shut down times, Genesis provides a repacking schedule to meet the customer’s requirements. The Genesis service extends to providing on-site engineers using high-pressure water jet, packing extraction, systems to ensure minimum outage of plant.

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