Retrofit valve actuation

Working with Rotork’s (UK) new specialist retrofit valve actuation, engineers Bahr Pump OU, Rotork’s representative in Estonia, has completed the second part of an unusually demanding project on belt conveyor systems at two of the country’s power stations. In this application there are no valves. Instead the actuators are used on diverter mechanisms that feed crushed oil shale to the power stations’ bunkers. The conveyors are positioned on top of the bunkers in areas where the temperature is very high, ranging from 30°C in winter to 50°C in summer. The Rotork IQ actuator has a double-sealed watertight enclosure and “non-intrusive” setting features, enabling switch setting without removing electrical covers Bahr Pump OU originally installed eighteen IQ20/IW4 gearbox combinations, with linkage designed by Rotork retrofit engineers to provide the correct combination of torque and speed to meet the 10 second, quarter-turn operation required to move the diverter plates in and out of position.

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