Revised Fieldbus standards

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published revised fieldbus standards, which facilitate the exchange of information for device configuration, data collection and device control. The updated 79 IEC fieldbus standards include profiles for real-time Ethernet and other industry sector network profiles. The revised edition also includes added profiles designed for the use of fieldbus technology to transmit safety related data, according to the IEC. The need for more guidance in the installation of fieldbus was addressed by defining a basic guidance for the installation of communication networks in industrial premises (IEC 61918) and dedicated parts of the IEC fieldbus standards that for each fieldbus technology establish which options of the basic guidance apply and which additional guidance shall be used. An industrial manufacturer or machine/process supplier may choose the solution that is best suited for the specific needs of the application and the environment in which it is to be implemented, said the IEC.
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