Rexroth EMC-HD 150 has double speed

Rexroth doubles the speed of EMC-HD 150 and increases the dynamics of powerful movements with new variants of the Plug & Play actuator EMC-HD.

The combination of power, speed and precision adjusted individually for each application is the supreme discipline for engineers to achieve the highest productivity. Bosch Rexroth is now expanding the process window for powerful feed movements up to 290 kN with additional versions of the heavy-duty Electromechanical Cylinder EMC-HD. They reach a maximum speed of 0.84 m/s in size 150 with the new Planetary Screw Assembly PLSA in size 60 x 20 and are thus twice as fast as before. This creates significant potential to reduce the cycle times. The Plug & Play actuators of the EMC-HD family are used predominantly in powerful applications such as bending, forming, pressing, flanging or folding.

With the EMC-HD size 150, newly developed sizes of the Planetary Screw Assemblies with a 20 mm lead, achieve significantly higher dynamics. In comparison to the previously available versions with a 10 mm lead, the motor only requires half the rotary speed to achieve the same linear speed. At the same time, the new version can handle maximum permissible axial forces of up to 184 kN.

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