Rexroth’s fuel saving fast switching valves

In the shipping industryoperating costs and increasingly stricter exhaust emission standards are driving forces. Variable valve controls allow for a more efficient operation of large engines with reduced emissions.

The fast switching directional valve 3WES..1XK/ by Rexroth is designed for a life cycle of 675 million switching cycles with switching on and switching off times of ≤5 ms offering repetition accuracy. This fast switching directional valve supports the efficient operation of large engines

The inlet and outlet valves of large machines are forcibly controlled by the camshaft. Using a variable valve control, this can be done in a variable manner: depending on the arrangement, the valve stroke is shortened, reduced or extended.

Per cylinder, a valve in plug-in design with a maximum flow of 200 l/min is used. The valve is controlled by means of pulse width modulated voltage signals via the motor control unit. Also, Rexroth has developed a new actuator with flat anchor principle.

The sealing system is designed for use with SAE40 motor oil with an operating pressure of up to 350 bar.

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