Ringo Válvulas supplies valves to gas plant

Ringo Válvulas has concluded the design, manufacturing and testing of large cage guided globe control valves for BidBoland Gas Treating Plant II, a new plant that gathers sweet and sour gas from existing fields to produce Ethane (C2), Propane (C3), Butane (C4), and Condensate (C5+) for export.

Valves need to regulate critical pressure drop for big flow rates of residue gas and therefore the process conditions calculated Cv value required large valve sizes of 24” and 20”

Additionally, valves have been designed and produced with attenuation plates to reduce the outlet velocity and the consequent noise level. Selected trim was designed to provide a good technical and cost effective solution. A multicylinder trim helps reduce the number of stages needed in the silencer for weight reduction. However, a balance trim helps in reducing the valve thrust.

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