Rising stem ball valve available from Energy Products

The Rising Stem Ball Valve is one of the most sought after in the oil and gas industry. The valve is now available via Energy Products Company.

The Rising Stem Ball Valve is one of the most popular valves, used mostly in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry. The valve uses a patented technology developed initially by Alf G. Heggem over 50 years ago. Back then, the development of the valve was considered groundbreaking. However, even after 80 or so years, these valves continue to be considered the best in the business manufactured by none other than Cameron.

Patented in 1935 the ball valve seating principle was the first significant innovation in the valves industry in over 50 years. Today these valves are used to protect against seat rubbing. However, Rising Stem Ball Valves continue to be highly durable as the technology has been honed over the years.

The ORBIT valve, as it is called, is now owned by Cameron which originally acquired the company back in 1998. Since then, the valve continues to be used in the LNG industry across the world. The valves are part of exploration, transportation, production, etc. major industries which are what makes the ORBIT valve so important.

The ORBIT Stem Ball is amongst the best valves out there, and businesses in the oil and gas industry rely heavily upon it. It is strange to think that an idea conceived in the 1930s would continue to be used to this day. However, it was a concept that has changed the way people envision vales and how they should be designed.

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