ROSS Controls new counterbalance control valves

ROSS Controls® has introduced a new high-pressure counterbalance control valve assembly for press metal forming applications.

The new ROSS high-pressure counterbalance control valve assembly compliments the ROSS family of automatic counterbalance products for mechanical power presses. The automatic counterbalance family is now expanded by a compact 3/4” unit and a larger 1-1/4” unit that can operate up to 235 psi (16 bar). Some applications with smaller cylinders or heavier die weights may require pressures at or above the maximum rating of standard 150 psi (10 bar) products. High-pressure counterbalance valve assemblies can accurately control required counterbalance pressures in the 145 psi (10 bar) to 215 (15 bar) psi range.

ROSS high-pressure counterbalance assemblies can be integrated with any existing press controls to set and maintain the correct pressure for each die set, quickly and accurately, to save energy, improve parts quality and extend the life of your press. Properly set counterbalance pressures on each production run can help to reduce gear and bearing clearances that minimize force and shock loading to the rest of the press. In turn, that reduces wear and motor loads.

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