Rotarex’s new locking feature on UHP line valves

Rotarex SA introduces a new locking feature for its M4SI and M8SI UHP line valves. As ultra-high purity gases can be corrosive, flammable, or toxic, good operational safety is essential. The new LOTO (lock out, tag out) locking system provides all the security you could need for a wide range of UHP applications. The new locking feature requires a deliberate pull and twist motion to switch position, ensuring the valve cannot be opened accidentally if, for example, the equipment has been shut down for repairs.

For additional security, a lockout hasp can also be used in both open and closed positions. The locking mechanism itself is fully integrated into the valve; it requires no separate parts and takes up no additional space. 

LOTO is currently available as a built-in feature for new orders of M4SI and M8SI UHP valves only, not as a retrofit option for old models.
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