Rotary vane actuators for marine environments

Corrosive marine environments such as offshore oil rigs, shipyards, and maritime facilities present special challenges for pneumatic actuators. Proper selection of actuator design is important for long, trouble-free life. Salt-laden dust and high humidity take a harsh toll on the internal and external parts of any industrial equipment if not properly designed and protected. For example, rack & pinion and scotch-yoke actuators are particularly susceptible because of the relative ease of penetrating the actuator and affecting their critical components. Spring-return rack & pinion and scotch-yoke actuators further complicate the issue because they require the intake and venting of ambient air, along with any contaminants in the air.

Kinetrols rotary vane actuators provide strong immunity to internal corrosion. Firstly, they have no internal gears or springs to corrode. Secondly, the internal surfaces are coated with a very durable, epoxy enamel finish and all internal hardware is made from stainless steel. Additionally, the wiping action of the vane and lip-seals provide a self-cleaning effect that prevents corrosion in the working areas. Kinetrol’s vane actuators use externally mounted clock type springs that are 100% sealed from ambient air/gases and are unaffected by corrosive atmospheres.

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