Roto-Discs easy-to-clean spherical valve

American manufacturer, Roto-Disc have announced the arrival of their Roto-Clean valve. It is said to incorporate the same, essential features of the Roto-Disc valve in a sanitary, quick-clean design that disassembles and reassembles, by hand, in just minutes.
All product contact surfaces are of FDA compliant materials. If you have to clean your processing equipment frequently and are tired of valves that gum-up, jam or leak, they state that the Roto-Clean may solve your valve problems forever – and save you downtime too.
The Roto-Clean® Advantage, like the Roto-Disc, the Roto-Clean wipes itself clean with each cycle while slicing through sticky, gummy material build-up and there are no internal hang-up points for material to collect and spoil. With the option to mate to connecting equipment with sanitary triclamps, the Roto-Clean is ideal for any application that requires frequent cleaning of processing equipment. Save time and eliminate hassle with the Roto-Clean.
The Roto-Disc® Company has been making valves, airlocks and diverters for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications since 1984. Our valves are designed specifically for dry material and overcome the natural weaknesses of other valve styles while handling even the most difficult applications.
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