Rotork valve actuators for ancient mill pond

Tidal sluice gates and an ancient mill pond on the picturesque Beaulieu Estate in Hampshire, UK, are benefitting from a restoration project involving Rotork electric valve actuators. The project, jointly sponsored by the Beaulieu Estate, the Environment Agency and English Nature, is part of a nature conservation scheme that will eventually include the renovation to working order of an associated 18th-century tidal mill. Restoration involves the replacement of five sluice gates that were installed in 1896, together with worn out electric motors and gears that had been subsequently fitted. Rotork Retrofit engineers worked with the main contractor Osiris Marine Services Ltd to produce new adaptation and valve stems and instal Rotork IQ electric actuators on the new gates. Each gate incorporates a flap on the upstream side, enabling the rising tide in the adjacent Beaulieu River estuary to fill the mill pond. As the tide retreats the flaps close tightly to prevent the water escaping downstream. It can then be channelled through two underground races to power the water wheel in the mill.

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