Rotork’s bespoke solution lock restoration project

The Carpenter’s Road Lock in Newham, London consists of the only double radial lock gates in the United Kingdom. Rotork’s IQ intelligent actuators with MTW multi-turn worm gearboxes play a critical role which enables this lock to operate. 
The lock is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and incorporates radial gates each weighing 14 tonnes that rise above the passing canal boats to allow entry and exit.
The Rotork actuators and their gearboxes have been installed to raise and lower the 14 tonne rising radial lock gates at each end of the lock. The actuators drive two cable drums which are connected to the counterbalanced lock gate and are responsible for raising and lowering them to control water levels and to allow canal boats to easily travel through them.
Although Carpenter’s Lock was considered revolutionary at the time of its construction in 1934, by the late 1960s it ceased to receive further investment. In 2017, the Canal & River Trust invested GBP 1.9M into restoring it for the modern-day, with Rotork playing a critical role alongside M&E Designer, KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd, and Civil Designer, Arcadis.
Rotork was able to provide a bespoke solution, involving an actuator and gearbox installed with an electromagnetic spring-applied brake attached at the back end of the gearbox. When powered on the brake is disengaged with its internal springs compressed allowing the output shaft to turn, when powered off or if the actuator loses power, the springs are released and the brake activated, meaning the gate will not fall.
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