Safe sampling solution

The problem of obtaining process samples from reactor vessels without requiring process shutdown has been solved by the PV vessel sampling device from Neotecha. The sampling device is designed specifically to lift samples from reactor vessels under process conditions, producing more accurate results. The PV is capable of extracting even highly corrosive or toxic media, while its design eliminates the possibility of any hazardous liquid or gaseous release to
atmosphere. The PV’s vacuum operation lifts liquid from the reactor through a heavy-duty PFA suction hose, which is located within the dip tube inside the vessel. The media flows upward into the sight glass through a ball valve, which can be supplied in a dead-spot free ‘C-ball’ design that prevents retention of residual media after sampling is completed. A PTFE hollow ball inside the
sight glass rests on the top of the rising sampled liquid, and interrupts the vacuum when the sight glass is full, preventing over-extraction or liquid entering the vacuum line. Once in the sight glass, the sample passes at atmospheric pressure through a transfer device to the sample bottle for
testing. The PV is available either in stainless steel or lined, with wetted parts in pfa, PTFE, or glass. It is pressure rated to 10bar, and temperature rated to +200oC. PV is available with a sample volume of either 150, 250, 500 or 1000ml. Neotecha products are available from Tyco Valves and Controls.

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