Safety first at Sutton Bridge

A selection of ASME Section I safety valves from Tyco Valves & Controls are withstanding high pressures and temperatures to provide over pressure protection and ensure safe operation at a major power generation plant in Lincolnshire. The Anderson Greenwood Crosby ‘H’ Series and Section VIII safety valves were supplied to Dutch boiler manufacturer Standard Fasel Lenjes for the protection of the boiler installed at Sutton Bridge Power’s combined-cycle power plant. Applications included drum, superheater and reheater protection. The Sutton Bridge plant is gas-fuelled and utilises two gas turbines and one steam turbine in a combined-cycle arrangement to produce 800mw of electricity. The Tyco safety valves protect the boiler, which produces steam to drive the station’s turbine, from emergency overpressure excursions. These critical safety valves have a design pressure of 152 barg, a design temperature of 565° C and benefit from the ISOFLEX® design, which offers unsurpassed seat tightness at high operating temperatures. With 3% overpressure and 4% blowdown the valves provide efficient and precise operation in the event of any system defect.
In addition to the ISOFLEX® design, Anderson Greenwood Crosby safety valves also offer an optional restricted lift feature, available with the HCI model. This feature eliminates over-capacity and permits an economic distribution of relieving capacity between drum and superheater valves as well as re-heater inlet and outlet valves. Additional advantages include reduced reaction forces and the facility to use standard valves and connection sizes. The valves are available in sizes 1 1/2” – 8” and in a variety of materials including carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

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