Safety valve for oxygen applications up to 420 bar

A unique safety valve with swivel body outlet for gaseous oxygen, oxygen mixed gases and technical gases.

Safety valves specially used for applications within the oxygen sector, are applied in a wide variety of industries, especially in the production of technical gases, medical gases, by compressor manufacturers as well as component manufacturers and plant manufacturers.

The safety valve can be easily integrated into a system or plant. With the new 492GOX series, Goetze KG has developed a compact, small safety valve with a swivel body outlet. Even after installation, its position can easily be adjusted to the discharge direction.

The handling of oxygen requires extreme care with all materials, sealing materials and lubricants which come into contact with it in order to avoid hazards in the application. For this reason, the high-pressure stressed components of the 492GOX series are specially manufactured from a nickel-based alloy suitable for this application. Installation must take place in a separate, isolated clean room, by preventing ingress of particles and contamination from the outside. Regularly trained staff, compliance with all relevant codes and continuous process monitoring of oil and grease-free cleaning, installation, inspection, labelling and packaging grant customers an oxygen-compliant safety valve for their applications.

With careful selection of materials and corresponding evaluations and tests by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung – BAM), further safety aspects for the use of oxygen suitable valves are taken into account.

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