SAMSON, InfraServ to develop digital information system

SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and InfraServ GmbH Co. Wiesbaden KG have reached an important milestone as part of strategic cooperation to advance digital solutions for process industry 4.0 environments. 
At the start of their strategic development cooperation in October 2019, SAMSON and InfraServ Wiesbaden launched a common pilot project to optimize the processes in the biological water treatment plant operated in the industrial park. The pilot project kicked off in early 2020. In January 2021, the completion of the first project stage marked an important milestone.
At the end of the first project stage, the newly developed information system for the water treatment plant went online. This system is based on SAMSON’s IIoT platform, which was further developed and tailored to the information-specific requirements as part of the cooperation with InfraServ Wiesbaden. The new system enables the mostly automated acquisition and provision of data required for plant operation and mandatory documentation to fulfill legal requirements. An extensive range of sensors and analytical equipment is used to collect data. Currently, 1,800 measured variables are processed. Data from an analytics lab at Infraserv Höchst are also imported into the platform as part of data acquisition. Furthermore, historical data from the previous system recorded as far back as 2009 were integrated into the new information system.
The data used in the new system, which are much more accurate and reliable, generate better key performance indicators. This results in a much more precise and user-friendly analysis of the highly complex processes involved in biological water treatment. Certain parameters, such as the dirt load at different processing stages, can also be visualized over a user-definable timeline.
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