Saunders polymer pneumatic actuator

Crane now offers an improved version of its Saunders P345 Polymer Pneumatic Actuator, designed to reduce operating pressure requirements to 4.5 bar, which in turn, can reduce your carbon footprint and energy cost by 11%. The lightweight piston-type pneumatic actuator has been developed to deliver sustainable performance for sterile biopharm applications.

According to the manufacturer, features include: 4.5 Bar Operating Pressure — reduced TCO through the reduction in air consumption; Industry Leading Closure Performance — 8 bar (PTFE diaphragm) and 10 bar (rubber diaphragm) @100% DeltaP; Lightweight Construction — 25% improvement in weight, vs typical stainless-steel actuator; and Eco Friendly — can deliver up to 11% reduction in carbon footprint and energy consumption through the reduced operating pressure requirements.

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