Schlumberger wins two prizes

Two Schlumberger technologies, the latest-generation electric flow control valve and an ultra-lightweight cement system, have been awarded the prestigious Hart E&P 2002 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation. These awards were presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston. The products were recognised for their technological excellence, innovation, practical ability to solve oilfield problems, and potential for improving profitability, safety and efficiency.
The WRFC-E valve is an electrically actuated flow controller with a multiposition flow choke designed for use in optimising production from oil and gas wells. The design also lends itself to injection applications in alternate configurations. Multiple WRFC-Es installed with a single permanent down-hole control conduit can be remotely controlled at the wellsite or at any location worldwide through the use of the Schlumberger InterACT* wellsite monitoring and control system. This technology was installed in bp’s Wytch Farm Field in the UK, making it the industry’s first all electric controller used in field operations. Three WRFC-E valves have been installed in a production optimisation field experiment led by Schlumberger-Doll Research Center.

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