SCI’s trim kit package for grooved riser check valve

Smith-Cooper International (SCI) a designer, marketer, producer and distributor of branded, high-quality pipe, valves and fittings company is proud to introduce a new product combination for shotgun installations in wet pipe fire protection systems: a UL Listed and FM Approved Grooved Riser Check Valve with Trim Kit Package.

“Our new 12-piece Grooved Riser Check Valve Trim Kit offers fire protection contractors everything they need for fast and easy installation, all in one convenient package. In addition to being more convenient, SCI’s Grooved Riser Check Valve comes factory NPT tapped and plugged allowing it to also be used as a swing check valve. One valve that serves a dual purpose reduces inventory requirements for our distributor partners, saving space on the shelf,” said Chris Peeler, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at SCI.

Part of SCI’s broader COOPLOK™ grooved product portfolio, the Grooved Riser Check Valve weighs up to 75% less than competitive products, meaning it is easier to install, less costly to ship, and safer to handle in the warehouse. The check valve and the FPPI® gauges included in the trim kit are rated to 300 PSI. The check valve body conforms to ASTM A536, 65-45-12.

Available in five sizes from 2.5″ to 8″, the SCI Grooved Riser Check Valve can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. Additional value-added features include an EPDM coated disc and bronze seat, groove dimensions to AWWA C-606 and an interior and exterior fusion bonded epoxy coating.

The Grooved SCI Riser Check Valve and new Trim Kit is available through SCI’s nationwide network of fire protection wholesalers and distributors.

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