Score Group introduces MIDAS Meter-kits

The Score Diagnostics Limited Team of Score Group recently introduced its new MIDAS Meter® kits. According to the company, these kits contain a significantly enhanced software offering, which now runs as an application on an intrinsically safe certified, and ruggedized smartphone. “This development has been a long time in the making and takes us significantly forward with our Leak Detection, Quantification, Trending And Repair, and Risk-Based Inspection capabilities”, the company says.

“The enhancement of our technology allows us to continue to report your individual leak survey results within seconds of completing each individual valve survey, and to now also be able to deliver all the enhanced reporting functionality, such as for example leak rate change trending over time by valve and leak rate comparison across a surveyed population, all whilst still in the field!”

The additional layer of capabilities provided by this release ensures that MIDAS continues to be the market-leading solution for through-valve leak monitoring, Score states.

“When combined with Score Group’s valve repair capabilities, it delivers safety and environmental performance improvements, supporting sustainability, as well as valve reliability and process operational efficiency.”

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