Second Congress of Industrial Valves held in Poland

The Second Congress of Industrial Valves in Poland was held last week from 4-5 April. The event was organised by The Polish Industrial Valves Association (SPAP) and was attended by representatives of several dozen companies including association members, distributors and manufacturers. Delegates met with great interest, listening to lectures and participating in discussion panels around three topics:
Topic I – Directives, certifications, legal and commercial barriers
Topic II – Gas industry – development prospects
Topic III – Development’s directions of design and technology, operational experiences
The Congress was held under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Province and enjoyed broad industry support.

The Polish Industrial Valves Association (SPAP) was established in 1996 and participates in professional exhibitions and preparation of technical conferences; organise presentations at the biggest receivers of valves and fittings; advertise in publications; and cooperate with international and foreign valves and fittings organizations such as European Committee for the Valve Industry (CEIR), the Scientific & Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) and the Ukrainian Association for Valve Industry (APAU).
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